Internal cooling driven marking tool handle

Internal cooling driven marking tool handle: installed on the machining center to automatically mark parts such as engine cylinder head

HMT 20

HMT 20 hydraulic marking tool is a marking tool driven by internal cooling pressure.


It can be used in machining centers or CNC lathes.
      An internal cooling pressure of at least 15 bar is required
      Machine tools with pressure adjustment mechanism are required, which are suitable for internal cooling pressure of 15-80bar.


Used to mark workpieces with hardness up to 60-62hrc.
      Marking of rough surfaces (4mm offset distance) can be made by means of a distance compensation mechanism
      Use cemented carbide marking head.
      If the machine does not support z-axis movement and does not rotate, it can be used at low speed.


Easy to use without installation.
      The standard diameter of the handle is 20mm.
      The pressure can be reduced by clockwise rotation. The Yellow screw can rotate up to 7mm,
      When the tool is delivered, it has been set to fully open the pressure reducing screw.


HMT tools can be driven by cooling pressure. During the first test, the marking needle should be positioned 6mm away from the surface of the workpiece to be marked. When the internal cooling is turned on, let the marking program run in the basic setting for the first time, and the marker should not be seen at this time. If the marker is already visible, the internal cooling pressure should be reduced.


After adjusting the cooling pressure, the marking needle is close to the workpiece by 0.5mm (the total distance is 5.5mm). Then run the program a second time. If no marker is seen, advance 0.5mm towards the workpiece again and run the marking program again. Repeat this step in 0.5mm increments until the marker is visible.

Push forward an additional 0.5mm to ensure the integrity and good of the mark.

The minimum marking position is 1mm from the workpiece. If no marking is seen at 1mm, stop the machine and increase the cooling pressure, or readjust the pressure on the tool.

When approaching the workpiece, the marking needle hits the first point several times to make the entry of the first character deeper. After determining the correct marker position, approach the marker position as soon as possible to reduce the depth of the first character.


Initial feed: 3000mm / min (freely adjustable)
      Spindle speed: 0rev / min (spindle rotation is not required)

1. Marking is regarded as a step of processing, which avoids the time-consuming and laborious manual marking and has a high degree of automation;

2. The marking process has no metal cutting and high speed to prevent damage to the workpiece or cutting off the material fiber of the workpiece;

3. The tool handle can be powered by coolant or by external air source or directly scraped without power;

4. It is suitable for machining center machine tools, and can be placed in the tool magazine for automatic tool change;

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