• TOOLFLO notification on covid-19 coronavirus epidemic situation in the United States

    TOOLFLO is defined as a basic service. It will be fully operational during the epidemic and continue to serve the needs of customers

    2021-08-01 TOOLFLO

  • TOOL-FLO price adjustment letter

    The company will adjust the price of TOOL-FLO products from June 1, 2019

    2021-08-01 TOOLFLO

  • Our engineers visit the new TOOL-FLO factory

    In November 2018, at the invitation of American TOOL-FLO company, our engineers visited and received training in TOOL-FLO in the United States. The new tool-flo plant in the United States was officially completed and relocated at the end of 2018. With the completion of the new factory, TOOL-FLO has added a lot of CNC five axis grinding machines, which has greatly improved its processing and manufacturing capacity, especially its non-standard manufacturing capacity. As we all know, American TOOL-FLO has a strong non-standard tool design department and a clamping system production department supporting standard and non-standard blades,

    2021-08-01 TOOLFLO

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