Why do floating reamers need to be used

Why do floating reamers need to be used

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Why do floating reamers need to be used

In machining, the demand for high-precision holes is increasing, and the use of reamers is becoming more and more common. Reamer manufacturers are also constantly improving their reamer quality to meet higher and higher hole machining requirements.
Although the accuracy of the cutter can be higher and higher, the concentricity of the reamer and the hole has always existed.
One of the important reasons is that the machine tool bearing generates heat due to friction, resulting in the loss of machine tool concentricity.

As we all know, the better result of reamer processing is that the reamer can pass through the hole without radial force. If you need to get better concentricity, you need to use Floating reamer shank

Possible problems of not using floating reamer shank

In the traditional reaming process, the machine tool spindle and reamer are rigidly connected, and the accumulated error is large. The coaxiality between the reamer cutting edge and the spindle may produce errors. During the machining process, many adverse consequences will be produced under the action of the centrifugal force of the spindle rotation:

l  The actual rotation path of the reamer cutting edge is larger than the reamer diameter and can not be controlled, so the actual size of the machined hole is too large and irregular.

l With the feed, the reamer gradually penetrates into the hole, the coaxiality error and rotating centrifugal force between the reamer and the spindle are bound by the workpiece aperture, and the degree of freedom decreases in positive proportion, so the reamed aperture gradually decreases. Form the commonly known "bell mouth".

l  Under the combined action of coaxiality error and rotating centrifugal force, the reamer is equivalent to turning tool, boring tool and other point contact cutting tools. Only a few blades protruding on the rotating track circle participate in the cutting operation, and the other blades can not cut the hole wall. This will produce vibration and shorten the life cycle of the reamer accordingly.

l  Due to the combined action of many adverse factors, such as the cumulative error of rigid connection, rotating centrifugal force, vibration caused by cutting of some blades, the dimensional accuracy, geometric tolerance and roughness of hinged aperture can not achieve the ideal effect.


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