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We provide customers with different products

Wuxi HOPE TEC CO.,LTD. was founded in 2009, focusing on floating tools and hole deburring and chamfering tools.

We are always committed to providing customers with economic and efficient floating tools and deburring and chamfering solutions. The tool services provided involve automobile, energy, high-speed railway and other industries. Through continuous technological innovation, design, R & D and processing practice, Hao ordinary improves product quality and performance, and meets customer needs from customer experience.

At present, the main products provided to customers are: positive and negative deburring and chamfering tools, mirror rolling tools, floating reamer handle, floating deburring and chamfering tool handle, oil path tool handle, micro compensation tapping tool handle, fast drill (U drill), deep hole large drill, shovel drill, etc

At the same time, the agent products include heule, tool-flo, emuge and HSD cross hole deburring tools


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We provide customers with different products

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It is a company integrating tool R & D, production and sales, specializing in deburring tools and flexible floating tools

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