Pneumatic marking tool handle

Pneumatic marking tool handle: it is installed on the machining center or robot to mark parts automatically

PMT20-A pneumatic marking tool handle

PMT20-A is a pneumatic driven, point hole marking tool handle suitable for CNC machine tools and robot systems.

The tool allows you to marker directly on the NC machine tool, thus canceling the marking process after machining. Marking directly in the NC machine tool can avoid the subsequent reprocessing of the workpiece and reduce the cost, and it also avoids possible errors. Because the marking work has been directly set in the workpiece processing program.

Within a certain range, the PMT pneumatic marking tool handle can automatically compensate for the height difference, so that the tool can mark most surfaces (unmachined surfaces and milled surfaces). Through the use of cemented carbide needles, it is convenient to mark soft and hard materials.




The adjustable compensation function allows the user to adjust the vibration of the needle. By reducing the frequency to increase the axial stroke (axial compensation), by increasing the vibration frequency, a faster feed speed can be obtained.
      Get as close to the marked surface as possible (move quickly) without residence time.
      Machined smooth surface - high feed
      Machining rough surfaces - low feed
      Initial feed: 2000mm / min (self adjustable)
     Spindle speed: 0rev / min (spindle does not rotate)
     Air pressure: 5-8 bars
     Distance from the surface: 6-8mm, decrease by 0.5mm each time until the mark appears, and then the z-axis further decreases by 0.5mm


1. Marking is regarded as a step of processing, which avoids the time-consuming and laborious manual marking and has a high degree of automation;

2. The marking process has no metal cutting and high speed to prevent damage to the workpiece or cutting off the material fiber of the workpiece;

3. The tool handle can be powered by coolant or by external air source or directly scraped without power;

4. It is suitable for machining center machine tools, and can be placed in the tool magazine for automatic tool change;

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