Deburring still has such a method, amazing!!!

Deburring still has such a method, amazing!!!

2021-08-01 22:06:14 孔口正反去毛刺倒角

There are many deburring methods for workpieces in the market. We often hear of the following:

Thermal blasting deburring, dry ice deburring, abrasive flow deburring, DuPont brushing deburring, etc.

However, the simplest and most direct deburring method is to deburr directly on the machine tool through the deburring chamfering tool. This is convenient and fast. It avoids the circulation of workpieces and does not need to invest a huge amount of money to buy equipment.


SAVANTEC deburring and chamfering cutter came into being. The tool can remove the burrs on both sides of the orifice through the hole at one time. The spindle of the machine tool does not need to be reversed, and the double-sided chamfering can be completed only once in and out.


SAVANTEC front and back deburring cutters are divided into integral and discardable structures. When the through hole diameter is relatively small, the integral type is mainly selected, and when the through hole diameter is relatively large, the discardable type is mainly selected.


As the R & D and manufacturer of deburring and chamfering cutters for front and back sides, our technical engineers can design and manufacture various orifice deburring and chamfering cutters according to your actual needs.


Of course, if your chamfer object is not a hole, but a contour, we also have products corresponding to agents: AKS floating deburring handle (you can click the link to jump to the corresponding product page to view the details)

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