How to select deburring and chamfering tools?

How to select deburring and chamfering tools?

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Selection of deburring tool:

The burr in machining is mainly the plastic deformation of the material, and a kind of redundant iron filings generated at the machining edge of the processed material, especially on the materials with good ductility or toughness.



In the process of hole processing, when the drill bit penetrates the hole, a cover will be formed due to extrusion. When the drill bit continues to go down, the cover will be damaged and residual burrs will appear around the penetration hole.




No matter what drilling tools are used, including boring and reaming, burrs or sharp edges will eventually form at the orifice. At this time, we need to choose a suitable deburring and chamfering cutter for the front and back of the orifice. Our company focuses on machining chamfering and deburring, especially for orifice burr, our company can provide perfect solutions.

1.1,Deburring and chamfering cutter for front and back sides of hole opening

1.1.1SAVANTEC integral deburring chamfering cutter

Elastic fork structure, one-time through hole, double-sided chamfer and deburring, the minimum hole diameter can be 0.8mm, and the maximum standard product can be 10mm. It is suitable for plane holes and cross holes (through holes) with a certain ratio

1.1.2SAVANTEC discarding deburring chamfering cutter

Disposable blade structure, one-time through-hole, double-sided chamfering and deburring, the minimum processing size of the standard product is 3mm, and the maximum diameter can be infinitely large through the combined structure. Suitable for plane holes and cross holes with a certain ratio (through holes)

1.1.3HSD cross hole deburring chamfering cutter

The deburring and chamfering cutter specially prepared for cross holes (through holes) can well solve the problem of deburring and chamfering on the reverse side of large ratio cross holes by opening the blade with internal cooling or compressed air. However, because the blade is small, the tool can not completely solve the problem of deburring for some materials with high toughness (large burrs).

1.1.4Heule reverse deburring chamfering cutter

A full set of deburring and chamfering cutters for front and back orifices, all of which use cemented carbide blades, with high processing efficiency and high precision. Including cofa, snap, cofax, etc. in addition, huele has a fully automatic reverse scraper system. It is suitable for efficient back scraping and countersunk holes.

1.2Floating deburring handle

1.2.1AKS machining center floating chamfering deburring tool handle

Through the flexible mechanism of the tool handle, the floating of the chamfering tool is realized, and the problem of inconsistent plane chamfering caused by blank casting error is solved. Through the floating in the handle, the chamfering tool (mainly using rotary file) will not over cut and cannot cut. Floating chamfering deburring tool handles are divided into the following two types: AKS angle floating chamfering deburring tool handle

去毛刺|倒角|浮动铰刀柄|滚压刀 axial floating chamfering deburring tool handle


1.2.2Floating chamfering deburring tool handle for AKS robot

With the popularity of robots, a lot of deburring work is completed by robots. Similarly, in the process of robot deburring contour, there will be problems of inconsistent chamfer size or no corner due to casting error.

AKS robot uses floating chamfering deburring tool handle to drive the rotary file to rotate through compressed air. The built-in floating mechanism realizes the floating of the rotary file, so as to realize flexible machining and ensure the consistency of chamfer size.

Among the above deburring tools, there must be one suitable for you. Please call to inform your needs. Our engineers will select the deburring and chamfering tools suitable for you according to your needs.

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