EMUGE sheath thread tap

Straight groove sheath thread tap, tip sheath thread tap and spiral groove sheath thread tap, with complete specifications

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First we have to understand the thread sheath:


Thread sheath is mainly used for the maintenance of screw holes and the manufacture of screw holes with high requirements. In particular, it plays a great role in preventing the high-cost machine from normal use due to the damage of screw holes.

Internal threads are often damaged for various reasons, such as tripping, rotten teeth, wear, corrosion, rust and so on. Internal thread damage can sometimes cause serious losses, which can affect the assembly process and assembly quality in the light, and the whole large parts can be scrapped in the heavy. The steel wire thread sleeve provides you with a simple and reliable internal thread repair method. The repaired thread is the same as the new one, or even better than the new one. For parts with low strength, such as aluminum, magnesium alloy, copper, cast iron, steel parts, plastics Density board, wood and FRP, this is particularly obvious. The repaired thread will be stronger than the original thread.

Before using the thread sheath, we need to process the sheath thread matching the thread sheath on the workpiece, and the sheath thread tap is required here.

We provide a wide variety of sheathed thread taps imported from Germany. Welcome to inquire!

At this stage, we provide:

Metric coarse thread M (STI) sheath thread tap (m2.5-m20);

UNC (STI) jacketed thread taps (4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 1 / 4-20, 5 / 16-18, 3 / 8-16, 7 / 16-14, 1 / 2-13, 9 / 16-12, 5 / 8-11, 3 / 4-10)

UNF (STI) sheath thread tap (4-48, 6-40, 8-36, 10-32, 1 / 4-28, 5 / 16-24, 3 / 8-24, 7 / 16-20, 1 / 2-20, 9 / 16-18, 5 / 8-18, 3 / 4-16)


The whole series of sheath thread taps are available in three processing forms: straight groove sheath thread tap, leading sheath thread tap and spiral groove sheath thread tap

Like ordinary thread cutting taps, our self-locking thread cutting taps have three options: straight groove self-locking thread tap, spiral groove self-locking thread tap and tip self-locking thread tap. The three self-locking thread taps can cover the processing of most metal materials (except hardened steel).

The processing of blind holes is suitable for screw thread self-locking thread taps. The through-hole is selected by the front end self-locking thread tap, and the straight groove self locking thread tap can be used for processing through holes and blind holes. When processing cast iron (especially ductile iron), use straight groove self locking thread tap, Try not to choose the other two.

Note: the bottom hole diameter of sheath thread tap is different from that of ordinary thread tap. Please call or email for details, and we will provide you with perfect service!

You can also download a full set of threaded bottom hole tables

If you have any questions about the use of tap, you can consult us at any time

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