TOOL-FLO grooving cutter

The TOOL-FLO slotting tool system can cut up to 2 inches (50.8mm) deep


The TOOL-FLO slotting tool system can achieve a maximum cutting depth of 2 inches (50.8mm).
      There are end grooving knife, cutting knife and deep grooving cutter

TOOLFLO provides a variety of commonly used blade forms for machining. Many years of processing experience has proved that the service life of TOOL-FLO grooving cutter is stable and durable. TOOL-FLO groove cutter has a variety of groove types, chip removal groove and coating. Everything is to optimize your production.

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General sample: general_catalog-CA60

Metric sample: CAT60API-METRIC-A4

The following is the brand introduction of TOOL-FLO: (if you are not interested, you can skip it)


Tool-FLO is located in Houston, Texas, USA;

Tool-FLO specializes in the production and sales of cemented carbide thread cutters and slot inserts. Tool-FLO is a major supplier of thread cutters required by the oil exploitation and equipment industry


TOOL-FLO is a subsidiary of IMC. It was founded in 1978. Since then, TOOL-FLO has become a major supplier of cemented carbide thread inserts, slot inserts, turning inserts, milling inserts and different types of non-standard inserts. TOOL-FLO has a strong non-standard tool design department and a clamping system production department supporting standard and non-standard inserts.


TOOL-FLO is also a major supplier of thread tools for oil exploration, natural gas drilling and related industries, providing most thread tools for these industries.

The main types of thread blades supplied by TOOL-FLO include: ACME thread, ACME STUB thread, AMERICAN STANDARD BUTTRESS thread, AIP BUTTRESS thread, API HUGHES H90 thread, API ROTARY SHOULDER CONNECTION thread, API ROUND thread, API VAM thread, API V0.055(MT) thread, API X-LINE thread, BALLNOSE thread, BSPT thread NPT thread, NPTF dry thread, PITTSBURG thread, UN thread, UNJ thread, V-thread, backing ring groove cutter

TOOL-FLO grooving cutter supplies: shallow groove, deep groove and end groove


TOOL-FLO hardened thread milling cutter: BSPT thread milling cutter, ISO thread milling cutter, MJ thread milling cutter, NPSF thread milling cutter, NPT thread milling cutter, NPTF thread milling cutter, UN thread milling cutter, Wyeth thread milling cutter

TOOL-FLO discarding thread milling cutter: IOS discarding thread milling cutter, ACME discarding thread milling cutter, BSPT discarding thread milling cutter, BSPP discarding thread milling cutter, NPT / NPTF thread milling cutter, UN discarding thread milling cutter, UNJ discarding thread milling cutter, NGT / SGT discarding thread milling cutter, API round discarding thread milling cutter


TOOL-FLO small hole cutter: (minimum machining 4.57mm inner hole) including micro turning tool, micro thread turning tool and micro grooving tool.


TOOL-FLO core walking machine thread turning tool


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It is a company integrating tool R & D, production and sales, specializing in deburring tools and flexible floating tools

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