Emuge chip tap

Chip tap is another choice for high-efficiency machining of large aperture thread in addition to thread milling cutter.

Chip tap is an advanced and efficient thread machining. Its remarkable feature is that a large enough chip holding groove is opened at the head to cut the inner row during operation, so as to avoid contact with the machined thread. This special design is adopted to achieve excellent machining quality. It is not only suitable for machining large-diameter internal thread holes on NC boring and milling machines, but also suitable for machining internal thread holes on radial drilling machines. It is another choice for large aperture thread machining in addition to thread milling cutter.


1. When working, cut the inner row to avoid contact with the machined thread
       2. Large diameter internal thread processing
       3. Suitable for CNC boring and milling machines and rocker drills
       4. Both through holes and blind holes can be processed
       5. Excellent self orientation
       6. The discharging direction of iron filings shall be consistent with the cutting direction without damaging the thread
       7. Short processing time and high production efficiency
       8. It can be polished for many times to save cost


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The company's headquarters and production base are located in Rauf city and luxdorf town near Nuremberg, Germany. More than 1000 employees are committed to providing customers with high-performance products and technical services.

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