Angle floating deburring chamfering tool handle

FDT SXO floating deburring and chamfering tool holder is a floating tool to remove the uneven contour (edge) burr generated in the machining process. It can automatically compensate between the actual contour of the workpiece and the program.



FDT SXO is a floating tool to remove the uneven contour (edge) burr generated in the machining process. It can automatically compensate between the actual contour of the workpiece and the program.

Through the floating mechanism of the tool handle, FDT SXO can move and process along the uneven edge of the workpiece, so that the tool can have an edge compensation of 5-10mm.

The pressure at the edge of the workpiece can be adjusted by the adjusting mechanism in the tool handle,
The tool can be driven directly through the machine spindle.

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Processing parameters

To facilitate your simulation, you can click to download the 3D diagram. Driving mode: spindle drive
      Speed: 3000-8000rpm (5000rpm is recommended at the beginning)
      Feed: 2000-5000mm / min (3000mm / min is recommended at the beginning)

Maximum floating amount: 5mm (standard long rotary file is used) (100mm long rotary file can reach 10mm when the latter is chamfered)
      Offset angle: lateral 5 °
      Using the collet of er-11, the clamping range of the shank of the cutter head can range from 0.5mm to 7mm

The overall tool handle is side fixed 20mm. / HSK, SK or other tool handles can be produced on demand
       It can be applied to the contour deburring of most metal materials


Lateral pressure

When the floating deburring chamfering cutter is used for the first time, we suggest to set the lateral pressure to about 5mm. If the cutting head cannot be machined smoothly (for example, the cutting head jumps or cannot be cut), the contact pressure is too low and needs to be increased. The press in amount directly affects the thickness of chamfer deburring. Generally, the more the press in amount, the larger the chamfer.




Use of floating deburring chamfering tool handle

FDT SXO floating deburring and chamfering tool: driven by the spindle, the radial offset of 5mm can be achieved (the exposed collet part of standard rotary file or chamfering milling cutter is 20mm). To ensure that all contours can be machined during the contour program, the cutting head needs a preload of 1-3mm.

Cutting direction

FDT floating deburring chamfering cutter: the cutter needs to rotate clockwise and mill clockwise around the workpiece during machining.

Chamfering and deburring contact points:

Chamfering usually requires the use of a taper chamfering cutter or rotary file. The top of the cutting head can be used for machining, or the root of the cutting head can be used for machining.

On the premise that the workpiece shape and tooling fixture allow, we suggest to use the rear edge of the rotary file for machining as far as possible, so as to obtain better chamfering and deburring effect and shorter machining time.

Side offset during deburring (press in)

Please ensure that during machining, the tool always has a pre offset (pre tightening) of 1-3mm relative to the workpiece contour.

Tool path: (important)

For the floating deburring chamfering cutter, the machining of the inner corner (the junction of both sides) is slightly more complex. Generally, the cutting head cannot contact the two surfaces perpendicular to the inner corner at the same time, because the imbalance of the force generated by machining the two faces at the same time is easy to cause the vibration of the tool. We suggest adding a tool path where the cutting head (rotary file or chamfering cutter) does not contact both vertical sides at the same time. When approaching such an internal angle, the tool shall be properly lifted up to make the top of the taper cutting head contact the workpiece, so that the cutting head can approach such an internal angle more easily (Note: when cutting the top of the head, the machining speed shall be reduced.) When machining to the vertical internal angle of the workpiece, it is necessary to complete the machining of the internal angle through the arc program.


When machining external corners, it is necessary to change the machining direction outside the workpiece (as shown in the figure)



Common problem:
       Excessive chamfer:

1. Increase feed
       2. Reduce the lateral pressing amount (too small lateral pressing amount will cause tool runout and damage the workpiece, tool and machine tool)

Inconsistent chamfer:

1. The feed speed is not constant due to the change of direction - reduce the feed (applicable to the inconsistent chamfer when changing the machining direction)
      2. Feed too low - increase the feed speed (applicable to inconsistent chamfers caused by non changing the machining direction)
      3. The tool position (pressing amount) is not adjusted well - the lateral pressing amount is 1-3mm

Too small chamfer:

1. Reduce feed
       2. Increase lateral pressure
       3. Reduce the spindle speed

Uneven chamfer:

1. Increase the spindle speed
      2. Replace the cutting head

Floating deburring chamfering tool handle assembly 100mm long cutting head drawing

Purchase instructions

Because the chamfering tool is a floating chamfering, the angular finish processed is slightly inferior to that processed by a rigid chamfering tool. I hope it can be accepted! 


Important note

FDT SX0 floating chamfering deburring tool is designed according to miniaturization, resulting in the thin thickness of one side of the tool handle. Therefore, we recommend using ER tool handle for clamping, and try not to use side fixed tool handle for clamping. If side fixed clamping is used, please pay attention not to lock the side fixed screw too tightly.




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