Which inner hole deburring tools can remove cross hole burrs?

Which inner hole deburring tools can remove cross hole burrs?

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Which inner hole deburring tools can remove cross hole burrs

The deburring tools for the front and back sides of inner holes supplied by Wuxi HOPE include SV-BO, SV-BW, HSD, HEULE-COF, HEULE-SNAP, HEULE-COF-S and other tools. The ability of various tools to remove cross hole burrs is analyzed as follows:

Deburring tools for front and back sides of SV-BO inner hole: Cross holes with the ratio of main hole to through hole greater than 3:1 can be removed. For cross holes with the ratio less than 3:1, try machining.


SV-BW disposable deburring tool for front and back of inner hole: If the diameter ratio of main hole B to intersecting hole a is too small, there is a risk of blade fracture. The recommended ratio is 3:1


A=Intersection’s hole 

B=Main hole

HSD cross hole deburring and chamfering cutter: HSD is specially used to remove the burrs of cross holes. The ability of deburring cross holes is the strongest of all the inner hole deburring tools sold by our company. It can be removed regardless of the size of the customer's main hole and through hole. However, because the cutting edge of the tool is relatively small, the cross hole burr cannot be particularly large, otherwise it cannot be removed, and there are certain requirements for the hole where the burr is located and the feed direction. For details, see: How to deburr cross holes


Deburring tools for front and back holes of HEULE-COFA : The ratio of main hole to through hole D is greater than or equal to 2. If the ratio is less than 2, we can try to use a larger rear corner blade to see whether it can meet the requirements of customers. We can only use non-standard tool HEULE-COFA-X to deburr cross holes with greater inclination.


HEULE-SNAP hole front and back chamfering cutter: Deburring for machining cross holes is not recommended.

HEULE-COFA-X non standard reverse orifice deburring tool: It is mainly used for deburring when the ratio of main hole to cross hole is less than 2. However, the tool only removes the burr in the reverse direction of the inner hole, and another tool is required in the forward direction.



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