Can floating reamer handle be used in places other than reaming?

Can floating reamer handle be used in places other than reaming?

2021-08-01 22:06:14 浮动铰刀柄

Application scope of floating reamer handle


Floating reamer shank is mainly used for reaming, in addition, it can also be used for inner hole rolling and inner hole grinding.

Floating reamer shank is not recommended for other processes other than the above processes, such as drilling, chamfering, etc. floating reamer shank is not recommended.

The special structure inside the floating reamer handle can realize continuous axial deflection and radial translation, so that the center of the clamped reamer can always float 360 degrees around the center of the machine tool spindle in its vertical plane. The deviation between the reamer center and the machined hole center is effectively compensated, the radial runout caused by the rotation of the machine tool spindle is eliminated, and the reamer center is always consistent with the machined hole center in the whole reaming process.

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