Full set of threaded bottom hole table!

Full set of threaded bottom hole table!

2021-08-01 22:06:14 螺纹底孔表

EMUGE complete set of threaded bottom hole table

With this form in hand, you don't ask for anyone.

This table covers most threads.

It includes cutting tap and extrusion tap.


Tap types include: ISO metric coarse thread, ISO metric fine thread, TR trapezoidal coarse thread, Tr-F trapezoidal fine thread, BSW Wyeth thread, BSF Wyeth fine thread, Wyeth pipe thread (g thread, RP straight pipe sealing thread BSPP thread), PG steel pipe thread, UNC coarse thread, UNF fine thread, UNEF ultra-fine thread, NPSF American parallel dry pipe thread NPSM (NPS) thread, American tapered pipe thread NPT and NPTF, eg thread (casing thread, including EG-M, EG-MF, EG-UNC, EG-UNF, etc.), self-locking thread (locking thread)

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EMUGE complete set of threaded bottom hole table

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