Common questions and answers of diamond rolling cutter before sales

Common questions and answers of diamond rolling cutter before sales

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Common questions and answers of diamond rolling cutter before sales


How about the machining accuracy of diamond rolling cutter

Like ordinary inner hole rolling cutters, diamond rolling cutters cannot control the machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of rolling machining needs to be guaranteed by the previous process, See the article for details: Is the accuracy of rolling the machined surface?

How small is the outer diameter of diamond rolling cutter after extrusion

Rolling tools usually have several parameters to understand: 1. Linear speed; 2 feed; 3. Interference; 4 deformation
      Like other rolling cutters, the dimensional deformation of diamond rolling cutters is generally less than 1 wire after rolling processing. The specific deformation dimensional data is determined according to the registration of processed materials and improved finish. Generally, customers need to test and process in advance. With the same workpiece material and the same working conditions, the deformation will not change.

In addition, it should be noted that the diamond rolling cutter can be used only when the surface finish of the customer's workpiece is higher than ra3.2.

Can diamond rolling cutter achieve the effect of grinding machine?

Diamond rolling cutter can make the workpiece surface achieve mirror effect and realize the function of turning instead of grinding.

How much concentricity can be guaranteed after diamond rolling cutter machining?

Similarly, the coaxiality of all rolling cutters cannot be guaranteed, but can only be guaranteed by the previous process. The concentricity of the previous process is inaccurate, and the concentricity after rolling is also inaccurate. Diamond rolling cutters can only be used to improve the finish.

Is there any speed requirement for diamond rolling cutter machining?

In terms of processing parameters, the diamond rolling cutter only has requirements for feed. Generally, the feed for simple processing shall not exceed 0.1mm/rpm

Can diamond rolling cutter process carbonaceous materials?

It can be used to process carbon containing materials, but the higher the carbon content, the service life of diamond rolling cutter will decrease.

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