How to select reverse counterbore cutter (reverse scraper)

How to select reverse counterbore cutter (reverse scraper)

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Classification of reverse scraper

Many customers will encounter reverse counterbore and need to process. If the positive countersunk cutter or milling cutter is used, it will not be used under several conditions: insufficient tool length, tool interference and complete sealing of the back. At this time, the reverse counterbore tool (reverse scraper) is required.


So how do we choose the right reverse counterbore scraper (reverse scraper) when we encounter reverse counterbore?

Let's sort out the selection of reverse scraper in different machine tools and applications:

It can be divided into automatic telescopic reverse scraper, eccentric reverse scraper, self-locking reverse scraper and screw locking reverse scraper

1. Eccentric reverse scraper


Eccentric reverse counterbore cutter

SAVANTEC eccentric reverse scraper requires the machine tool to have directional stop function, otherwise it cannot be used.

Processing steps of reverse scraper:
1. Spindle positioning
2. Eccentric displacement (E value)
3. Z-axis depth
4. Recovery Center (E value)
5. Forward steering upper machining
6. Spindle positioning
7. Eccentric displacement (E value)
8. Disengage upward to complete processing



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2. Self locking reverse scraper


Processing steps of SAVANTEC sleeve reverse scraper:

First extend the Z-axis of the cutter arbor; Then insert the cutter head easily; Rotate the cutter head to clamp the main cutter rod; Forward turning upward processing; Return and remove the cutter head; The tool bar exits and the machining is completed.

SAVANTEC sleeve reverse scraper features:

u  Suitable for a variety of machine tools: Machining Center, boring and milling machine, rocker drill, bench drill, etc

u  The cutterhead is easy to install and insert without screw fixation, saving time

u  The blade can be designed to be disposable.

3. Screw locking reverse scraper

The utility model has the advantages of tight installation, sufficient rigidity, replaceable blade and low cost. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to change the tool.


4. Automatic telescopic reverse scraper

                   HEULE-BSF counter scraping counterbore cutter (click the link to view the product details)

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